Alexander Munro

 Alexander was born October 9, 1805 in Cathcart, Renfrew, Scotland. He married Jennette Dick on April 15, 1827. She was born December 15, 1804 in Barony, Lanark, Scotland. Alexander and his family emigrated first to Nova Scotia in 1830 and then to the United States, arriving at the port of Boston on May 16, 1836. Alexander filed for citizenship on September 14, 1840 and was naturalized on September 12, 1842 in Lock Haven, Pennsylvania.

Alexander died on April 5, 1872 in Lock Haven. His wife died on November 4, 1878 in Lock Haven. Both are buried in Highland Cemetery.

Alexander Munro is the paternal great,  great,  grandfather of Richard Winters, who provided me with this story.

 3rd great grandparent :  Alexander and Euphemia McClellan Munro
     born circa 1785

 4th great grandfather :  Alexander and Margaret Marchall Munro
     born circa 1700

 Olan Munro was located in the Scottish Highlands
 Great Grandparents : John C. Munro,  born 5/9/1830 Scotland
        died 7/2/1896 Swissdale

    Anna Blush,  born 1/4/1835
               died 6/23/1922
  Blush (Blösch) goes back to 4th great.

 Grandparents : Sarah Munro, born 6/24/1870 -  Morris Run, PA.
     died 4/6/1958  -  Lock Haven, PA,

   Edward F. Winters, born 11/15/1867 Swissdale
              died 2/3/1946  -  Lock Haven

 Parents : Archie H. Winters, born 10/27/1897  -  Lock Haven
              died  2/25/1986  -  Lock Haven

   Ivah M. Reese, born 11/29/1898  - Penn Twp., Lycoming County
      died  9/26/1988  -  Lock Haven

   Richard E. Winters, born 8/6/1926 Lock Haven

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