Genealogy of George Washington

George Washington born 1732 Westmoreland County VA.
           died 1799 Mount Vernon VA.
           married 1759 to Martha Dandridge CustisóWidow
Augustine Washington died 1743 married Mary Ball

John Washington  died 1673  married Ann Pope

Lawrence Washington  died 1652 married Amphillis Twigden

* Lawrence Washington died 1616 married Margaret Butler who died 162
      William Butler ó- Margaret
* Last known Washington genealogy continues with maternal lines:

Great, Great Grand parentsóLawrence Washington & Margaret Butler

3rd Great GrandparentóWilliam Butler & Margaret

4th Great GrandparentóJohn Butler & Margaret Sutton

5th Great Grandparentó John Sutton

6th Great GrandparentĖ Edmund SuttonóJoyce

Line goes back to King John of England and 9 of the 25 Barons Sureties of Magna Carta.

Source: Genealogy Chart, small print hard to read.

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