MUNICIPALITY:  Bald Eagle Township


Sunnyside Cemetery


AKA:  Allen's Cemetery

Number of Burials (approximate):  600

Dates of Activity:  1870 - present

Documentation/Publication:  The Cemeteries of Bald Eagle Township, Beech Creek Township, and Beech Creek Borough (2005)



From the traffic light at the intersection of Route 150 and Lusk Run Road, turn onto Lusk Run Road and travel 0.6 miles.  Turn left onto Creek Road and travel less than 0.1 miles.  The road ends here, turn left and travel 0.1 mile.  The cemetery will be on your right.

N41 07.234 W77 30.476

Landowner / Caretaker:

Sunnyside Cemetery Association

Mill Hall, PA 17751






William Allen (1828-1914),an early resident of Bald Eagle Township, gave two acres of his land to be used as a cemetery.  This graveyard was called Allen's Cemetery.  A record exists of a burial lot sold by William and Charlotte Allento John Earonon 1 Jan 1890.  The lot was 18 feet by 18 feet. 

Some of this land became the sole property of Sunnyside Cemetery prior to 1914. 

When William Allen died, his executor, George A. Bowmaster, sold his property to Charles G. Packer, on 23 Apr 1914, "excepting about two acres of ground, laid out and used for cemetery purposes."  This remaining land, comprising unsold lots and lots partially paid for, and called "Old Allen Cemetery" was sold by William's second wife, Susan Allen, to the Sunnyside Cemetery on 21 November 1914. 

Sunnyside Cemetery was incorporated in Clinton County, Pennsylvania, on 29 August 1945.  The original office was established as the Fairpoint Church, and the incorporators were C. A. Allen, Mrs. Elizabeth Brungard, S. Ray Cook, Robert L. Dickey, Harry J. Earon, Lester Orner, Raymond P. Orner, Charles Packer, Harry L. Salmon, Leslie Wait, Scott Williams, Sherman Zeigler.The articles of incorporation also provided for a perpetual care fund for the cemetery.

This cemetery is still active and accepting burials.  A newer section of the cemetery allows only lawn plaques but older sections have upright markers. 

If visiting the cemetery in Spring or after heavy rains, it is advisable to bring boots as sections are very swamp-like and might be very wet and muddy.  Additionally, there can be an abundance of mosquitoes during this phenomenon, so insect repellant is also advisable.

References:  Clinton County, PA Deed Book 86, p 81; 85, p 88; 90, p 553; Miscellaneous Book 18, p 547, observations of the cemetery.