MUNICIPALITY:  Greene Township
CEMETERY NAME:  Mount Pleasant Cemetery SCHADT NUMBER:  017


Number of Burials (approximate): 800

Dates of Activity: 1868 - present



CCGS, The Cemeteries of Crawford, Greene and Logan Townships, and Loganton Borough (2004)



From the center of Loganton (the intersection of Routes 477 and 880), take Route 477 toward the mountain (past the I-80 interchange).  Travel on this road for 2.8 miles.  At the top of the mountain, in Rosecrans, the cemetery is on your right.

N41 03.684 W77 19.988

Landowner / Caretaker:

Mount Pleasant Cemetery

RD 1

Loganton, PA 17747






On 29 May 1868, Philip Wirth and his wife deeded acre of land at present-day Rosecrans to Philip Wirth and Daniel Bechtol, trustees of the Evangelical Lutheran Church, and Jacob Earonand Henry Brown, trustees of the Evangelical Association Church.  The cemetery began on this half-acre lot, and a joint church edifice was constructed there in 1868. 

It appears that the Lutheran half of the congregation disposed of their interest in the building, and the Evangelical half built a new church nearby, possibly because of property issues resulting from the Esher-Dubbs split, in 1893.  It is today the Mount Pleasant Community Church, an independent congregation.

The community cemetery continued to be used.  On 15 August 1929, E. L. and Rosana Cooper deeded to H. M. Stamm, Thomas Ernest and Edward Jamison, trustees of the Mount Pleasant Cemetery, a tract of 52 perches, to be used as "an addition to the old cemetery."  On 5 August 1950 the Cooper heirs again deeded "land adjoining the old cemetery, for an addition."

The cemetery is an active one and well-kept.