MUNICIPALITY:  Noyes Township
CEMETERY NAME:  Robbins Cemetery SCHADT NUMBER:  057


Number of Burials (approximate):  200

Dates of Activity:  1870 - present



CCGS, The Cemeteries of Colebrook, East Keating, Grugan, Leidy, Noyes, and West Keating Townships (2008)



From the intersection of Jay and Water Streets in Lock Haven (the Lock Haven Courthouse), travel west on Water Street for 1 mile.  Turn right onto PA Route 120 (Susquehanna Avenue) and travel 33.2 miles into Westport.  Turn right onto School Road.  Less than 0.1 mile later, turn right on Cemetery Street (dirt road).  Follow this road 0.2 mile, around a slope and up a hill to Robbins Cemetery.  The road is badly rutted and would be difficult or impossible to pass in wet weather without an SUV.  The cemetery is currently badly overgrown and probably harbors snakes and ticks.  Also, most of the graves have caved in and were never refilled, leaving large holes in the ground.

GPS = N41 18.090 W77 50.659

Landowner / Caretaker:

Robbins Cemetery

Shintown, PA 17764



Very poor; heavy brush must be removed and large sunken areas filled in.



The origins of this cemetery are not definite.  It is likely that J. W. Robbins donated a parcel of land for a burying-ground about 1870 for his family and neighbors in the Westport area.  Deeds for the surrounding tract show that the cemetery was never separated from the surrounding parcels.  It is occasionally in use today on an at-will basis, but is not well-maintained.  No records are known to exist.