MUNICIPALITY:  Leidy Township
CEMETERY NAME:  Summerson-Moore Cemetery SCHADT NUMBER:  071

AKA: Proctor Farm Cemetery

Number of Burials (approximate):  47

Dates of Activity:  1854 - 1939



CCGS, The Cemeteries of Colebrook, East Keating, Grugan, Leidy, Noyes, and West Keating Townships (2008)




N/A - Cemetery Moved in Kettle Creek Dam Project

Landowner / Caretaker:







An article in the Renovo Record of 27 July 1960 reads as follows:  "This burial ground was listed by Army Engineers in charge of the project as the Proctor Family Cemetery.  Natives of the area declare this name to be erroneous.  The correct name and the one by which it has always been known is the Moore Cemetery, they maintain.  It was likely listed on the map as 'Proctor' because Hamilton V. Proctor is the present owner of the property on which it is located, having purchased it a few years ago.  This land was formerly the Repetto farm.  The name Summerson is found on most of the gravestones, many dating back over 100 years.  That is the name of the family originally owning the land.  The old Moore place is owned by Jesse Calhoun.  The cemetery is just across the boundary line."

This cemetery was relocated from 22-24 July 1960.  Five graves were taken to North Bend Cemetery, Chapman Township, and 42 graves were taken to New Maple Grove Cemetery, Leidy Township.