MUNICIPALITY:  Greene Township
CEMETERY NAME:  Esh Sugar Valley Amish Cemetery SCHADT NUMBER:  123


Number of Burials (approximate): 27

Dates of Activity: 1977 - present



CCGS, The Cemeteries of Crawford, Greene and Logan Townships, and Loganton Borough (2004)



From the center of Loganton (the intersection of Routes 477 and 880), travel South on 477, also known as Mill Street (headed toward the Winter Road), for 1.4 miles.  At the end of Mill Street, turn left on Winter Road (LR18028).  The first farm is the Esh farm.  Inquire here for permission to visit the cemetery.  The cemetery is just past the Esh farm, on the left side of the road, in a rail fence enclosure with an outer pasture area and the burial plot proper behind a second gate.  CCGS encourages you to gain permission before visiting this private cemetery.

N41 00.942 W77 18.120

Landowner / Caretaker:

Esh Amish Cemetery Association

Winter Road

Loganton, PA 17747






The Amish are a conservative branch of the Anabaptist faith who eschew modern conveniences and transportation.  They devote themselves to a rural, agrarian lifestyle and practice their religion in home meetings.  Sugar Valley saw the arrival of many Lancaster County Amish, beginning in 1972.  Seven families attended the first Amish service in the valley at the home of Samuel K. Fisher.

The first death in the Sugar Valley Amish Community was that of infant Annie Fisher in April 1977.  A cemetery was established from the Ben Esh farm at this time, and is used by the Amish community to this day.  It was named for Mr. Esh, who owned the land.  This name was given to it so that if future Sugar Valley Amish cemeteries were needed, they could be given distinct names.