The James Linn Family
James Linn was the son of Nina and Lawrence Linn. He grew up in the Woolrich church. They were the first occupants of the company owned house-currently 1012 Park Avenue, Woolrich. James (Jim) worked at the Woolrich Woolen Mill-part-time as a teenager, then as a young adult. He met a young lady at work, Rita Smith from McElhattan. They began dating in 1948 and were married in 1949. They had one child, Sharon born in 1949. They attended church regularly and Sharon was baptized there, as was her father before her. Rita taught the preschool Sunday school children’s class. They resided in a half of a double house on Park Avenue, which was owned by Woolrich Inc. In 1956, Jim left Woolrich Inc. to work at Avco (currently Textron.), then Piper Aircraft. Because they had been living in a company-owned house, it was necessary for them to move. They bought a house in Avis, PA and transferred membership to the Avis Methodist Church, currently Avis United Methodist Church. James died in 2009, and Rita Smith Linn died in 2008. Sharon Linn Wagner still resides in Avis and is married to William Wagner Sr. They have a son, William Wagner Jr.

The Gore Sisters
Woolrich Woolen Mills had been recruiting workers by going to other communities and talking to members of large families. They approached the family of Arthur Durell Gore in Sinnemahoning. 3 of his daughters, Lillian, Hazel and Nina decided to take him up on the offer. Nina didn’t really want to go, but Lillian talked her into going with her. They took a train to Woolrich and resided in a boarding house next to the current parsonage on Cemetery St.
Hazel went back home soon afterward. Nina had been dating a boy who had left Sinnemahoning to work in Ohio. She forgot about him in a hurry when she saw the boy who lived in the house 2 doors away, Lawrence Linn. Lawrence Linn was dating another girl at the time. He forgot about the other girl when he met Nina, and he and Nina eloped in 1924. Lawrence died in 1986 and Nina died in 1997 and Nina was active in the church. Lawrence received a gift of a book for perfect Sunday School attendance in 1921. They had one child James Linn and a granddaughter, Sharon Linn Wagner.

Lillian Gore met and married Charles Englert. In the early 1930’s they adopted Lillian’s niece, Helen (Pooch) Snyder. They lived 2 doors away from the church, on Park Avenue, Woolrich. They were active in the church.  After her marriage, Helen Englert moved to Canada with her husband James Skiles. Later, Helen lived in Florida. They had two Sons, Chucky and Wally. Charles Englert died very suddenly from a heart attack in 1956. Lillian died in 1985, having moved to Florida to be near her daughter sometime around 1980.

Chatham and Agnes Linn’s daughter Phyllis married Charles Biser and continued to be active in the church. They had 2 sons Daryl and Larry. Daryl and Larry grew up in the Woolrich church, Phyllis was active there. I don’t remember a lot of details about them. Leah Oberheim’s mother, Bertha was a daughter of Chatham and Agnes Linn, Phyllis’ sister.

Lawrence & Nina Linn

Lawrence & Nina Linn

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