The 1840 census records John Ramage as living in Grove Twp., Clinton
Co., PA. Recorded with him are 1 male age 20 to 30; 2 males 30 to 40
years old; 1 male 50 to 60 years old; 1 male 60 to 70 years old; one
male 80 to 90 years old; 1 female 5 to 10 year old; 1 female 20 to 30
years old; 1 female 40 to 50 years old; and 1 female 70 to 80 years old.

John, is the male listed in the 60 to 70 category as he shows his age at
64 years and a pensioner of the Revolutionary War.

John's pension record, #S 23860, contains the following information.

Request for pension filed September 1832.

He joined a volunteer company under Capt. Richard McCowen in August in
the year 1776. This company was raised in Lancaster Co., PA. John was
residing in Hanover Twp.. He marched to Philadelphia, then on board a
shallop to Trenton in the state of New Jersey,thence to Amboy. Then
sixteen men out of each company in the regiment, volunteered in the
Flying Camp. Some of them were, he believed, drafted, but he
volunteered. For a time he was under the command of Capt. Robinson, but
he believed that an officer by the ame of Armstrong had command of the
Flying Camp at the time he entered it. He then went to the City of New
York under said Armstrong of the Flying Camp. Thence he marched to Fort
Washigton in the State of New York. He states that he was a member of a
scouting party that left the Fort on the 15th of Nov. 1776. That the day
after he left, the Fort was taken by the British and the next day after
that, Fort Lee was taken by the British. They marched into the state of
New Jersey and in a few days afterwards toward Princeton. He remembers
being in several scirmages along the way. He remained in that area until
his enlistment was up in March 1777 and he then returned to Lancaster
Co., PA. In August 1777 he again volunteered for service in a company
belonging to Col. John Rodger. The regiment marched to Lancaster City
and then took the Oath of Allegience before William Henry Esquire, from
the City of Lancaster. Continuing the march to Old Chester (in Chester
Co., PA), thence to the head of Elk River were they met the British.
After a scirmage there, marched to Bradywine in the regiment of
Commander General Potter and Col. Watson. They arrived at Brandywine on
the 11th September 1777. Within days they were orderd back to Old
Chester and then to Philadelphia. He continued in service until the
middle of December 1777. He volunteered last in the fall of 1778 in
Capt. Samuel Enstworth's Company. This march took him to New Town in
Bucks County. He was discharged.

John was born 8 June 1750 in Hanover of Lancaster Co., PA. He lived in
Lancaster, Northumberland and Lycoming Co. since the Revolutionary War.

John Ramage was granted pension in the amount of $36.00.

Submitted by Barb Seyler