Revolutionary War Soldiers Buried in Clinton County

Compiled By Richard C Winters

October 11, 2000




Baird, Benjamin Old Dunnstown Woodward

Baird, William Sr. Old Dunnstown Woodward

Baird, William Jr. Old Dunnstown Woodward

Baird, Zebulon Old Dunnstown Woodward

Bartholomew, Wendel Monseytown Woodward

Brewster, Freeman Old Dunnstown Woodward

Caldwell, James Caldwell Gallagher

Carskadden, James Old Great Island Presbyterian Lock Haven

Cloby, John C Union Tylersville

Curts, Thomas Quiggle Wayne

Dunn, William Old Dunnstown Woodward

DeHaas, John P Sr. Hayes Fearon BeechCreek

DeHaas, John P Jr. Hayes Fearon Beech Creek

Greninger, Henry Union Tylersville

Grove, Peter Old Dunnstown Woodward

Hahn, Heinrich Schracktown Logan

Hanna, David died in 1803 in Pine Creek Twp.

Hays, James Hayes Fearon Beech Creek

Karstetter, Michael Fairview Loganton

Kerstetter, Rudolph Schracktown Logan

Kister, John W Brungard/St.Martin Greene

Kitchen, John (?) Logan (?)

Love, Robert Quiggle Wayne

McCormick, John Old Great Island Presbyterian Lock Haven

Moyer, George Old Dunnstown Woodward

Pence, Peter Gebhart Crawford

Proctor, Francis Old Dunnstown Woodward

Quigley, Nicholas Quiggle Wayne

Quigley, Philip Quiggle Wayne

Ritchie, Robert ? ?

Saltzman, Anthony ? Colebrook ?




No doubt there are other Revolutionary War Soldiers buried in Clinton County but, at this time no record them or proof could be found. The sources of those listed in this report were cemetery records, family genealogies, the Clinton County Veterans Affairs Office.

There are those who most likely lived in what is now Clinton County, at the time of their deaths who are buried in Davidson Burying Ground (now commonly known as Pine Creek Cemetery) , located in Porter Township, Lycoming County, about one mile west of Jersey Shore. See; Davidsons Burying Ground page 4 through 11, "Lycoming Co., PA and Miscellaneous Cemetery Records" Gen. 929.5 Dav V.1. Ross Library. It is reported 14 Revolutionary War Soldiers are buried in Davidson Cemetery.